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Bullied At School... Help?

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Bullied At School... Help?

Postby Kildaire » Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:24 pm

I live in lee county fl...like the fort myers area. I THOUGHT our county had 0 tolerance for bullying but I guess not considering my two best friends, Lauren and Ashley, as well as myself have been bullied by the same person for the past month. The bulliers name is Jamie and at one point in life we've all been friends with her. The most recent was Ashley but one day out of the blue Jamie decided she doesn't want to be friends with ash. Since then, all Jamie has done is talk trash about us loud enough for us all to hear calling Lauren and I fat. Im 5 ft 5 in and weight 125 and take diet pills, I'm not fat but I'm insecure so this really hits home with me. She does that same thing to Lauren who is 5-1 and probably 135. We've gone to the school admin 2 times and they've done nothing. They've lied to our parents about questioning Jamie and other kids at school. The second time we went it was about 15 minutes before school was over for the day and they didn't give us all a chance to talk, put words in our mouths and pushed us out the door because the two admins in there had to go take care of the buses. This may not seem like a big deal and it probably shouldn't be but two years ago this same girl physically attacked me in school because our boyfriends had stopped being friends....the school did nothing but put us both in detention. And 3 years ago my friend Lauren was hit in the face by a boy and had a desk thrown at her by the same boy. No action was taken against him in school, she ended up filing a restaining order against it but the school didn't abide by it being that they were in the same class the next year, only 2 1/2 months later.

We threatened the admin to take all these matters to the school board. That's the only reason they let us in to talk to them. Yet they did nothing.

We are 17 and seniors. I understand girls will be girls but three girls bullied by the same person multiple times...? Come on.

What's your take on this
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Bullied At School... Help?

Postby Gildea » Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:25 pm

It appears that Jamie has a big mouth. Get yourself a small digital recorder and whenever she comes near you hit record or file a police report.
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