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Blood Tests Advice Quite scared?

Depression making it hard to lose weight?

Blood Tests Advice Quite scared?

Postby alhhard » Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:17 pm

Hi all,

I will admit now I am scared, Just been to the doctors and told her I think I might have under active thyroid due to being really tired most of the time and some hairloss that might be natural, I checked the symptoms of under active thyroid and I hit about 5- 8or 9 she is giving me 4 blood tests and the last one is for HIV when I heard that It made me really panicky...I havent had sexual intercourse in about 2-3months now and last 2 women I did it without a condom and I have learnt my lesson but they are nice girls and clean if you understand, I am 22 male but the thought of HIV blood test has got me really worried can anyone help me clear my mind ? I checked the symtpoms of HIV and i hit about 2 out of 8 which was depression but i think its due to my life style at the moment and money and second one is rapid weight loss...but I think thats because I dont eat enough and i am a healthy freak lol ... went from 13st down to 11half (74kg) in about 3months or 4 I am 5ft11....please people

thank you so much
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Blood Tests Advice Quite scared?

Postby ace » Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:18 pm

I am American, so I converted your 74 kg to 163 lbs, which should be a healthy weight for a man of your height.
However, if you have lost that weight by eating a low-fat diet, and/or if your diet generally consists of bad fats, such as margarine, shortening and vegetable oil, I recommend that you immediately go out and buy some butter.

Switch your fats to butter, lard (rendered yourself from pig fat you get at the butcher), olive and grapeseed oils.

Next, buy and eat some eggs from pastured hens, preferably fresh from a farm in your area. Lastly, stop drinking that nasty, european shelf milk that comes in a box and doesn't even have to be refrigerated, and start drinking real milk. Real milk is unpasturized and unhomogenized and comes from a cow that lives off grass. If, that is, you can get that legally in your country.

Your doctor will tell you I am crazy, but I am not. Your brain is made largely of cholesterol and can not function properly without it. In addition, cholesterol is a main ingredient in most hormones, particularly testosterone. If you can't make testosterone, you won't feel good, since you are a man. In short, you need to eat as much of it as you want. The amount that you "want" at first may surprise you, but as your body readjusts to the idea that you will actually feed it what it needs, your desire for it will reduce. Try this EVEN IF YOUR DOCTOR SAYS NOT TO. You are young, and if i'm right, you'll feel better in a few weeks. If they are right, you won't, and you can spend the rest of your life eating low fat and this will have been just a blip on the screen.

Your doctor should also be testing your testosterone levels, and whether your body blocks the use of testosterone.

It is possible that you have a thyroid problem, and very unlikely that you have HIV. Remember that it isn't just unprotected sex, but that you would have to have gotten some of her blood in your bloodstream to get HIV - very unlikely in your average act of sex.

You have also lost a lot of weight very rapidly, so that could be contributing. Give your body a break.
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