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Binge Eating Disorder / Eating Disorder Relapse?

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Binge Eating Disorder / Eating Disorder Relapse?

Postby Burgh » Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:53 pm

Hi everyone! I have a history of bulimia with anorexic tendancies but have not thrown up for over 6 months now :). I've also had a problem with cutting after this but have got over that... But now I have started to binge eat. I can eat a whole tub of ice cream, a whole can of pringles no problem, and i do this at least once a fortnight, more often than not once a week. I had this problem before bulimia but use to binge, purge, crash diet, binge, purge, crash diet. I'm starting to slip back and I'm a little frightened. I was going to start a crash diet today but it is my sisters birthday tomorrow so i decided not to, and have a whole host of other events coming up next week so can't crash diet for at least another 10 days. I go back to school on monday, and am petrifyed I'll go back looking HUGE!!!!!! (I was 134lbs before, am now 137) and I'm just so so scared. What should I do?

Thanks guys.
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Binge Eating Disorder / Eating Disorder Relapse?

Postby ager » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:01 pm

don't be sorry, i'm quite bored of my life and that i don't want an eating ailment. The passable option to minimize weight is via ability of interest as properly as diets and you're maximum possibly precise that calorie counting and being obsesses with diets can rigidity you thoroughly nuts. take in an issue-free interest regime and attempt to consume as often as conceivable. via way of hassle-free I advise not binging and now not ravenous, merely eating 3 problem-unfastened sized meals an afternoon with the occasional snack or manage and for people who mixture that with some activity you will desire to work out your weight slowly start to return down without doing some factor drastic surprising success
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Binge Eating Disorder / Eating Disorder Relapse?

Postby cenewig » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:02 pm

Hey there I've struggled with my weight too. I haven't been anorexic, but I've dabbled in bulimia. I too could eat a whole tub of ice cream and a large pack of crisps. In fact recently I've been binging loads and I've gained weight :(. I'd try not to worry too much about it though, everyone binges from time to time its allowed and once a fortnight isnt even that bad. Don't restrict though as that's the worst thing you can do and you wont ever get out of the binging cycle. Allow yourself things in moderation for example if you're craving ice cream maybe get a really small pot of ice cream as it's a portion for one and after you eat it there wont be anymore like there is with a big tub. Allow yourself moderate treats if you fancy it. Listen to your body, when you feel full stop eating. I think we tend to listen to our emotions when we eat, not our bodies. It's just so easy to eat on autopilot. It doesn't even become about the taste and craving the foods, we eat because we feel empty and sad.

Whenever you want to binge maybe call a friend or talk to a family member. Try to get out of the house if possible. If it's in the evening, maybe stay in your room away from food, pursue hobbies, paint, write, read, watch a film. If you really do feel hungry just eat healthy foods like low fat popcorn, crackers, yoghurt fruit. Crackers are a great alternative to biscuits for example. 8 chocolate biscuits have 760 calories whilst 8 crackers have 272 calories. I also love chilli rice cakes, they're so nice. Drinking lots of water also helps, sometimes people mistake thirst for hunger.

I hope that your overcome your eating problems. Maybe you should have therapy to help overcome your bad eating patterns and discover what causes it. Hope I helped :)
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