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Bestfriend And Boyfriend F*cked?

Bestfriend And Boyfriend F*cked?

Postby Ximun » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:00 am

I have never cried so much in my life. God has been putting me through so much this last past 2 months.

So, I have this best friend of mine since 7th grade,she moved down were I lived and she instantly became my friend, I could tell her anything and she gave the best advice. She had alot of family problems and I tried to help her the best way I could. (No Homo) but she has a body like Nicki Minaj but hers is real and in school she got all the boys, while I was boyfriendless. I didnt let that effect me. We kind of drifted off as we went to college.

Recently, me,her,and my boyfriend went out to this club. It felt like old times with my best friend. We got to my dorm and me and my best friend was drunk o_O I asked my boyfriend to take her home, so he said ok, but he had to go by his apartment first to get some of his stuff because he was going over his grandparents house because him and his granddad were going fishing that morning. His grandparents home and my best friend's home is 1 hr away from my college dorm..

I'm a virgin but I don't want to lose my virginity to just anybody, I want it to be special. Me and my boyfriend haven't had sex but we've seen each other naked. ( Hope that isn't a sin o_O )Who doesnt wonder the size of their boyfriend? He is 8 in and I mean me and my best friend talk about stuff like that! I mean she my best friend, we talk about the wierdest of things :P , She is indeed,NOT a virgin.

He actually came over and told me he had something to get off his chest because he didn't want to keep anymore secrets so he got to talk about how, she was sitting in the car and he couldnt find what he was looking for so he told her to come in because she said she felt like she had to throw up. He decided to take shower because he smelled like beer and smoke and his grandma is a veryyy strict woman. So he's telling me and he continues ( he is very athletic and has muscles and a six pack,so you could only imagine him in a towel. :'( sad part is coming ) He is in his room putting on some clothes and my best friend comes in and gives him oral and I guess they was feeling the moment and F***ED :( So you know hit him, I'm crying. He didnt tell me, she didnt tell me. I told him to just get out, dont talk to me ever again, we cant be friends f**k you and her!!! I remember my best friend writing a blog( she is a good blogger or so i thought), talking about a dude that she f**ked, I quote "Tonight was a night to remember. Best sex I ever had, he hit it right,he penetrated my vagina. It was so wrong but it felt so right. I felt so good in his arms,muscle man. Sex I've always wanted,he was staring at me with passion it took my breathe away,I kissed him softly. He kept his slow pace,his hands gentle. It hurt for a minutes because he is so big. Never felt so loved in my life" That never crossed my mind that that happened. I just feel like Im going to have an emotional breakdown, the 2 most important people in my life!!!!!!! and when I confronted her she saying im sorry girl! I was drunk and horny, you can get over this right! I mean NO I cant, ive been nothing but a good friend. She had boy problems and family problems and she did this to me. I could just kill somebody right now, ive been doing nothing but eating fatty food as a comfront. How I can I get pass this :( ?
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Bestfriend And Boyfriend F*cked?

Postby Aleron » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:01 am

i understand what you're dealing with! It has befell to me earlier. yet quite you wont be able to assist it. I recommend that's in straight forward words inevitable. inspite of the actuality that in my case it replaced into krazy! you spot I loved my bf merely right pal and he had a gf too! loopy properly. properly dont difficulty about it inspite of the actuality that you'll lose a pal for certain. it honestly relies upon on you!
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Bestfriend And Boyfriend F*cked?

Postby Douglas » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:30 am

She's a ***** just like Nicki Minaj.

Any girl who doesn't understand what your going through isn't worth your friendship.

The boyfriend did the right thing telling you. She wouldn;t have.
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