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Bad Diet

Bad Diet

Postby Ty » Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:38 pm

hi, was wondering if you could give some advice on what really is a good diet these days, by diet i dont mean diet plan ie weight watchers, adkins ect, i mean the normal way you should eat without all the diet stuff.


for example, there is just too much of dont eat fat, dont ear carbs, try this quick solution ect. i just want to understand the true way to eat healthy, its very confusing.


an example of a day of eating for me goes like this.

breakfast, a bowl of cereal like corn flakes, maybe with some bananna if im in the mood, usually with 2% milk. im always hungry before lunch so lately i have been eating some nuts. lunch will be an extreme of either fast food or a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, then after some nuts or cookies or sometimes icecream. dinner is usually some type of meat, more often chicken than red meat, a veggie most of the time and some rice or pasta, then later before bed cookies or icecream.  now i know the cookies, icecream and fast food have to go. but what gets me stuck is knowing what snacks i really can eat and all the stuff about the kinds of grains and carbs that you really should eat. for example i hear people say you cant just buy regular bread or pasta at the supermarket because its not the right type of grain or its too refined.  i am very, very carb dependent, cake, cookies, pies, breads, rice, pasta - my weakness. what can you suggest? thanks
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Bad Diet

Postby Chumin » Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:08 pm

Hello Lori,

I cannot give you an individual consultation, which is what you may need but I can give you some general info.  As far as fast food, cookies, ice cream, etc... you can have those foods occassionally but watch eating them too often or everyday.  The whole idea is to eat healthy most of the time and to be realistic about your diet.  It is NOT realistic to say you'll never have a cookie again!! As far as carbs, they are fine to eat.  You just have to choose the right types.  Stick to breads that state, "whole wheat" or "whole grain".  Stick to starches that contain healthy carbs such as fiber!  Use brown rice instead of white rice.  Choose healthy cereals for breakfast that give you some kind of nutritional boost such as a whole grain cereal and/or one with fiber.  Cornflakes is not doing much for you!!  You may want to switch to fat free milk also.  Just think of the food groups and make sure you eat from them daily: lean meats, fruits, vegetables, low fat or fat free dairy products and whole gain starches.  Good snacks are yogurt, fruit, veggies, nuts, graham crackers, peanut butter, fruit smoothies, rice cakes, popcorn, etc... Think low fat and high nutrition.  

The other key to healthy eating is portion size.  Watch what you are eating and HOW MUCH you are eating.  As Americans we tend to eat way too much!

Don't forget water intake.  That is extremely important in a healthy diet.  At least 64 ounces per day.

And one more key is staying physically active!!  Get on a regular exercise plan(with your doctors OK) and stay active daily!!

Hope that helps.  If you are looking for more individualized help I DO offer online services.  Check me out at www.Nutrifocus.net.


Kim Tessmer, RD LD  
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