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Ayurveda Kapha Advice?

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Ayurveda Kapha Advice?

Postby Chayne » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:19 am

I have recently begun ayurveda and after taking the test, my dosha has come out to be Kapha.

The Kapha diet is a very tricky one because most foods I normally eat, I'm not supposed to!

I am gradually changing my diet to that which is most suited to kapha.

My question is really quite a silly one but, because you aren't allowed to eat rice but are allowed popped grains, will it be ok to eat rice crispies?

I am going away in a week so I am not going to go and buy a whole load of food, I am just asking because in the cupboard there is either that or wheatabix which I know I can't eat!

Also, because I am pretty restricted in what I can eat, i would really appreciate anyone to give me meal ideas either here, or in an inbox! :)

Thank you
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Ayurveda Kapha Advice?

Postby Bartleigh » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:23 am


You must be sure about your Doshas before sifting to a particular diet regime.(http://www.ayurvedicdietsolutions.com/Ayurveda-Dosha-Test.php) As there are rare chances that a fellow will be dominated by a single Dosha. Most of the times there is dual Dosha dominance. If it is so with you that diet only for Kapha might not be that useful for you. You should check your self for the signs of Kapha dominance in your body. (http://www.ayurvedicdietsolutions.com/Kapha-Body-Type.php;)

With some alterations like sipping hot water while taking the meals you can do well even with rice.

Hope it will help you
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