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Anole Foods

Anole Foods

Postby fabre » Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:07 am

I have run out of crickets & cant reach the store for awile, is there something that I can feed him in the mean time? thank you for    your time

ANSWER: Anoles eat mainly live insects, but may take a bit of nectar in the wild.  As a result, commercial Crested Gecko meal replacement powder can be added to their diet.  The Crested Gecko MRP is mixed with water, and served in an elevated cup.  It will provide variety and improved nutrition for anoles, and can be ordered online.  Most anoles love the sweet taste.  

CGD(crested gecko diet) should not be fed to anoles as a sole diet, but certainly can be used for a week or two in an emergency.  If the anole doesn't show interest in the CGD, try offering a little peach babyfood--once the anole tastes this, mix in increasing amounts of CGD over the course of a few days, until the anole is eating the straight CGD.  (Do not serve babyfoods, fruit, honey, or other sweets, other than as an aid to help the lizard learn to eat the CGD--these foods provide only 'empty calories' and will quickly lead to deficiency disease if offered regularly).

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is there something around the house that I can give him until I can buy crickets and CGD? example: lettuce, ham, wild caught grasshoppers... ?
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Anole Foods

Postby Euston » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:29 am

Wild insects always pose a risk, as you never know if they've been in areas where pesticides were used, and they may carry parasites.  Slightly safer, moths caught around your porch light at night can be used, but be sure they seem strong and healthy.  It's still a risk.

There is nothing else, that is what they eat.  Keep in mind that an anole can go for 3 or 4 days without food, and suffer no harm.  Adult anoles only need to be fed every other day anyhow.
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