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Am I Losing Weight In Fat?

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Am I Losing Weight In Fat?

Postby Dolphus » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:08 pm

My goal has been to loose a 1b a week through diet and exercise. I set out on this goal a month ago or so. I've progressively increased how much I exercise so I went from burning 200 cal a day 3 times a week to over 300 calories every day which was what I did last week. I'm careful not to overeat, but if I do I work out extra. My weight hasn't changed much, I lost 2lbs after the first 2weeks but havn't lost any more weight in the past three weeks. I've also been bloated and constipated in that time. So, have I actually lost weight in fat in these past three weeks, and is lack of weight loss just from being bloated all the time? If I could fix this problem should my weight on the scale drop at least 2lbs? I'm 5'1" and I weigh about 135-136lbs, but so far I cannot seem to get past this weight.
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Am I Losing Weight In Fat?

Postby Ackerley » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:17 pm

If you having problems going to the restroom, you probably either eat too much fiber and not enough water or not enough of either. And remember its not just about how much you eat, it's about what you eat too. I think the two pounds was fat but you probably need to cut some calories to lose more and don't think that just because you excersises more that you can eat away.
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Am I Losing Weight In Fat?

Postby Jeremiah » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:19 pm

that could be a false impression that weight is fat, by using medical doctors & television commercials asserting which you will desire to shed pounds. besides the shown fact that, they do no longer bypass into component as to what that is which you will desire to lose. human beings think of they are in a position to starve themselves and not lose muscle tissues. yet once you are trying this, the physique is going into protection mode and saves fat cells to proceed to exist. in case you want to lose physique fat and not muscle tissues, you are able to desire to: a million). consume ideal 2). exercising for about quarter-hour an afternoon 3). Take a nutritional supplement called Chromium Piccolinate (OTC) 4). Get a minimum of seven - 8 hours of sleep a evening in case you velocity up your metabolism, you will burn off fat no longer muscle.
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Am I Losing Weight In Fat?

Postby Eilig » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:22 pm

If you have been bloated and constipated, this shows your body has not been emptying properly therefore keeping food inside (ie. not loosing the waste in your body, all weight is staying in you).

Drink plenty fluid. When you change your diet to healthy or junk food, your body is not aware of what I's happening, so to help your body out you need to drink as much water as possible to flush everything out. Try it and see how you go
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