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A Girl Likes My Boyfriend More Than She Likes Herself, What Can I Do :(?

A Girl Likes My Boyfriend More Than She Likes Herself, What Can I Do :(?

Postby Gregory » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:52 am

one girl who works with my boyfriend is loving him to an exaggerated degree, she says she loves him more than she loves herself..she always praise him, talk to him a lot and even worships him. She says he amazing and wonderful guy that nobody in this world is more wonderful than him.
She became a close friend to him and he likes her but as a friend only. He is not sexually interested on her because he likes tall and slim girls likes me and she is short and very fat. He loves my looking and my femininity a lot and he said I am his first love and I am just like an angel to him. We haven?t yet declared ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend but he is thinking or proposing me, while that girl is dying to marry him.

I as well love him so much and similar to that girl love. But the problem is that I am silent and very shy person and that I don?t talk to him as much. He talks to her more than he talks to me because he works with her. He is very close to her and more than me. I feel that I love him because of his manhood more than his person but the other girl does the opposite.

He once said to that girl in front of her things like I am wonderful and delicate. I felt that she becomes very sad when she knows that he loves me.

She hates me, she always says mean things to me like ?don?t think that this guy is nice to you only, he is nice to everyone? or ?why do you like him he didn?t do anything for you?. She always asks me ?how often do you talk to him? what did he tell you??.

She also always brag about herself in front of me.

She talked about me badly to him by telling him things like I am immature, impolite, dangerous to his work and even asked him to keep distance from me. He asked not say such things again.

Just yesterday I checked his email and I saw her sending him long message and told him at the end of it that she doesn't believe he is real, he is a dream to her, somebody who is from outside of this world am forever thankful for your great help to me in your work. He then replied "wow, I feel this is coming from the deep of the soul, thank you".

Could this mean that he is in love with her and may cheat me with her?
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A Girl Likes My Boyfriend More Than She Likes Herself, What Can I Do :(?

Postby Eachann » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:58 am

if you really love him you need to step your game up! and prove to him that your one for for him!
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