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10 Points + 5 Stars Experts In Arachnids (spiders, Scorpions, Etc) And Insects? Flying Arachnids Have Never Ex?

10 Points + 5 Stars Experts In Arachnids (spiders, Scorpions, Etc) And Insects? Flying Arachnids Have Never Ex?

Postby Priour » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:44 am

Flying arachnids have never existed, right? As far as I know there have never been flying arachnids (scorpions, spiders, etc), neither today nor in the past, on the other hand insects can fly.

I want to know, Why is this true? I mean, why can insects fly and arachnids cannot?

Why did arachnids evolve in a way that do not allows them to fly

I'm interested in know why evolution took the way it did in these arthropods since I watched the movie The Mist, if you do not know what the movie is about, it is about creatures from a Parallel version of our Earth entering into our reality and among these creatures there is a 8-legged Meganeura-like arachnid (arachnid because it has eight legs) that resembles a scorpion and like it it has a venomous stinger.

Here is the Meganeura-Scorpion like dreature from a Parallel version of our Earth where evolution took a different path than in our reality?






So, why the hell was it an insect (six legged) and NOT an arachnid (8 legged)?

Why did evolution did not allow 8 legged arachnids to fly?

What would have been needed for some arachnids to have evolved into flying creatures?

Why did evolution took a path for arachnids so that scorpions never get wings?

There is another arachnid is that same movie, it is a dog-sized spider-scorpion like creature that can produce corrosive/acidic webs, I would like to know here the same, why did spiders not grow that big?

What would have been needed (in terms of evolution) for them to grow to reach ranges from 60 cm to 1.50 meters?

Why did our spiders, the spiders we know and cohebit with did not grew so much more than their actual size?

Also, would have been posible for them to produce acidic spider webs?

I mean, would not it be burning inside out having the substance needed to produce such a lethal web inside their body or there is a way evolution would have allowed this without harm for the spider?

Here is the Gray Widower






And last, do you believe there are Parallel version of the Earth in Paralell Universes where this happens because evolution took a different path and allowed arachnids to fly, different circumstances that the ones that happen here?

Answer as much and complete as your knowledge in this subject is, this is NOT to discuss if Parallel Universes exist or not, just to answer what I asked

Thanks in advance
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10 Points + 5 Stars Experts In Arachnids (spiders, Scorpions, Etc) And Insects? Flying Arachnids Have Never Ex?

Postby Chatham » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:49 am

Spiders would get their wings tangled up in their webs .
Besides spiders are very successful as they are and they don't need to attack people .
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10 Points + 5 Stars Experts In Arachnids (spiders, Scorpions, Etc) And Insects? Flying Arachnids Have Never Ex?

Postby Rad » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:52 am

Since everything has an opposite, even matter itself (See Antimatter) There could be a parallel universe to balance everything out. And no there are no recorded accounts of Arachnids with wings, I do not believe their genes are compatible with the genes for wings.
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